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Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates – Personal License

Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates

Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates – PLR License

Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates PLR

Dear Online Entrepreneur,

My name is Rohit Thakur and I am here to SAVE your time and money, while helping you get better conversion rates and make more money than ever.

So let’s dive straight into what exactly Ultimate Squeeze Page Pack is all about and why I am SUPER excited like a little kid in a candy store to be able to bring this to you.

Traffic Is NOT the KING (Actually pretty far from it)

Actually, getting traffic is the easiest part. You pay for traffic and you get as much as you can handle (and more).traffic

But, unless you are getting a good ROI, it really doesn’t matter if you have 1 Million visitors to your site/blog in a month or 100 visitors a month.

It doesn’t require you to be a member of MENSA to realize that LEADS are what’s most important for ANY business. To get as many leads as possible, you need to have a proper system in place that converts this traffic into leads, and ultimately into $$$.

High Conversions = More Leads = More Money in Your pocket

Gone are Those Golden Days of “ You Got Mail”

Remember that AOL notification when you used to get a mail back in the days, when receiving an email was a rare thing. Not anymore though.

Today an average email user receives 147 emails a Day.

mailNo wonder they don’t want to signup to the next email marketing newsletter.

So is Email Marketing Dead? NO!

In fact there hasn’t been a better time to build a list and monetize them before .

With highly targeted traffic available today, all you need to do is get little creative and delve into the psychology of your prospects to get them to sign up and like you.

Theory of Commitment and Continuity

Theory of commitment and continuity basically states that if you can get your prospect to commit subconsciously to get what you are offering, and then ask for their contact details (like name and email address), they are way more likely to optin, because after committing to get your product, things like sharing their contact details suddenly appears to be a “No Problem”.

Businesses have been using this method since very long and recently our industry has also started taking advantage of this proven fact.blue_books

Leadpages, for example, now offers something that they call “2-step signup squeeze page”, that urges the prospect to take action by clickg their Call to Action button before they see any registration form, and once they click the CTA button..

BOOM! There pops a nice window asking for their Name and Email Address.

There’s once small problem with LeadPages though.

If you want to use lead pages just for this reason, it’s going to cost you $67 per month, and once you stop paying them, your pages will be rendered useless.

It was a problem until now, but not anymore.




You just saw the immense power it has and probably you couldn’t resist entering your email in the DEMO pages.. who knows right ? 😉

Now this is the part where copywriters play the ‘Price Game’, but I wouldn’t test your intelligence by saying that this pack is worth $997 or anything ridiculous like that.

In fact I don’t need to. You do the math.

calculatorWith your old boring boring squeeze pages that convert at 20%, you get figures like these :

1000 Clicks = $600
Number of leads at 20% = 200
OTO Sales at $20 (let’s say 10%) = $400

Now with our 2- Step signup process

1000 Clicks = $600money_bag
Number of leads at 60% = 600
OTO Sales at $20 = $1200

Do you see the power of this simple tweak yet?

“Check out this Video where Kristie and James grill Anwesh more about this technique”

When I released this pack internally to some skype groups and facebook mastermind groups, I got a LOT of request to release Resell Rights to these amazing squeeze pages.

I was a bit reluctant at first, then I thought “What the Heck”.

So Here’s your two simple, straight to the point and EXTREMELY low priced purchase options

Option 1:- Buy the Personal License and start building your email list immediately.

Option 2:- Buy the PLR License and start building your email list immediately + Make Money by selling these templates as your own.

Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates – Personal License

Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates

Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates – PLR License

Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates PLR


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Think about it! Just by selling 2 copies of Your Ultimate Squeeze Page Template you will get your investment back, and after that its all Pure Profit.

With the no. of benefits these templates provides, it would be easy to sell these templates as hot cakes.

Infact you don’t have to put any real efforts to sell these templates coz we are providing Complete Sales material:


PLR Sales Package Includes:-

Module_Box 1

Module_Box 2

Module_Box 3

Module_Box 4

Module_Box 5

All You have to do is to put Your Name and Buy Button and you will be collecting payments.

Let me help you to make an easy decision…


Here’s my 30 Days No Questions asked Money Back Guarantee

badge1I know you’ve seen “no questions asked” guarantees before. And maybe they didn’t ask questions, but they sure made you jump through a lot of hoops to get your money back.

Here’s the thing: Download these Templates right now use it for Full 30 days and for any reason if you think these Templates are NOT for You…

Just Send me an email within 30 days of purchase and I will send you FULL REFUND. No hassle, no hoops and no questions. Fair enough?


Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates – Personal License

Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates

Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates – PLR License

Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates PLR

YOU know these templates worth way much more than the price on the screen right now! This is a very limited introductory price and will be raised in a few days.

Remember, with PLR License YOU can not only make your investment back, but you can also make Huge Profits by selling Unlimited copies of Your Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates as You Own.

Take the advantage of introductory price and grab Your Copy of Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates Right NOW!!


To Your Success,


PS: Don’t procrastinate though. With every moment passing, with visitors looking and turning their faces away forever, you are leaving MONEY on the table.

For this one time low investment, you can now harness the power of this proven psychological fact of “Continuity and commitment” and super charge your lead collecting process within minutes from now.

PPS: This offer is a limited time offer. We have plans to upload these templates t our server, and charge a monthly fee. When we do that, it sure is not going to be anything less than $27 per month.

So RUN don’t walk!